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Odds, ends, crazy book ideas, and snippets from our book series

Just another odds n’ ends blog with a snippet from Morrigan’s Brood book 2, Crone of War.

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Some days the words come to our manuscripts so quickly that we can hardly type them out.  Other days it feels like we can do everything but write.

I’ve been having a dry spell for a bit.  Even though I had a few ideas for books after talking to a few other authors.

One other author and I were discussing what genre sold today.  He told me cozy mysteries sold so he wanted to write a cozy mystery with clowns which made me laugh and feel better, even though clowns scare me.

I came up with a cozy mystery involving a Wiccan that drew a comic cat series which he found amusing.  I want to call it  ‘One Fat Witch’.  Who knows maybe I’ll work on that a bit and post it here.  Please kick me in the backside and remind me to write.

In the meantime, here’s a bit…

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