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Morrigan’s Brood: Prologue

Just a taste of our first book, Morrigan’s Brood. I hope you enjoy the prologue.

Cereal Authors

Hope you all enjoy!

Journal I

She gave me gall ink, quills, and several sheets of vellum today. Finally, I have a chance to record my past, what I can remember of it.

However, the legend remains forefront in my mind. So this is my first entry, the Legend of the Deargh Du. It is the story of my line, my people, and the Goddess who created us. The sun rises soon, and the fire is dying, so I must make haste. Here is the tale.


Morrigan, the Tuath Goddess of blood, battle, justice, destruction, and rebirth, gazed upon the expanse of the impending battle below. To the east, She could see the massive army of Mílesians disembarking from their crude, yet seaworthy, vessels. The Iberian invaders wanted to try conquering the rich land of Éire again.

As She exchanged glances with the others of Her family, The Tuatha…

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