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Space City Con this Weekend and other News

Madness & Reckoning Front Cover


Events and Stuff

Lots of stuff coming up on the next few months, but nothing so impending as Space City Con! That’s right… *THIS* weekend is Space City Con, taking place in the Westin Galleria in Houston, Texas. Visit Space City Con for more information on the event. Heather and I will be signing books there, so bring yours if you’ve got ’em, but if you don’t, that’s alright… we can sell you some of ours. Come out and enjoy the fun! Nichelle Nichols, R.A. Salvatore, and Breandán Ó Ciarraí, among many other talented actors, celebrities, artists, writers, and others will be there. Oh yeah… and us.

The Saturday after that… next weekend, we will be at the Magick Cauldron for another book-signing. If you don’t like big crowds, but you still would like to see us in Houston, this would be a good venue for you. Plus, you won’t have to buy a ticket to get in (like you would with Space City Con). Visit our Events page for more book signing events we will be attending this year and next.

Free Stuff

OK… I (Christopher) am crazy… certifiable. Guess what I did… I made the ePub version of Morrigan’s Brood: Morrigan’s Brood Book I free on Goodreads. What???!!!??? Morrigan’s Brood (book 1) ePub free on Goodreads? Am I nuts? (Um… yes, I just established that fact… reinforced since I am talking to myself… Oh yeah.) Um… Yes! But how long will it be free?

OK… not only is Morrigan’s Brood (book 1) available for free download from Goodreads, but we are also giving away five signed copies each of not one book, but two… Crone of War: Morrigan’s Brood Book II and Madness & Reckoning: Stories of the Morrigan’s Brood Series. In answer to the earlier question as to how long book 1 ePub will be available for free download, that opportunity ends when the free giveaway ends… October 22… just in time for Halloween. Look below for more details:

Thanks to our family, friends, and fans for your continued support!

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