Our little blog about the Morrigan's Brood book series (and our other books)

Greetings from AggieCon43!!!

Morrigan's Brood Series Authors' booth at AggieCon43

Morrigan's Brood Series Authors' booth at AggieCon43

Wow… what a con! Heather and I (Christopher) are having a wonderful time talking with all of you who have visited us at our “rainbow” booth. Yes… just look at the picture. See the lights? Too bad you can’t see the green laser lights… er… fairies.

This is our second year at AggieCon, and we will definitely be back next year, even if December 21, 2012 “happens”… yeah right. Anyway, it is nice to see so many familiar faces stopping by our booth, and also so many new faces!

If you are new to our series, we have added some earlier posts describing some elements of our universe as well as highlighting the new features of our re-released books. You might even see some posts about our cats.

Our website www.triscellepublishing.com is out of date and needs updating. At some point, our publisher plans to host the site in WordPress using the same URL, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Free Giveaway

For one week, we will have another free giveaway. If you missed our sign saying “Free to Enter Contest” or if you are on-line and can’t attend in person, then send an email to chris_dunbar@triscellepublishing.com and ask to be entered into the free giveaway. We will hold the drawing a week from this Monday, so keep checking.

Well, more happy patrons to talk to. Come stop by tomorrow!

Thanks to our friends and fans, old and new!

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